A wrongful death occurs when a person has undeservedly died because of another person’s error, negligence, or recklessness. Usually, this happens in the form of accidents, such as the following:

  • Car accidents caused by reckless drivers
  • Medical malpractice cases caused by unwarrantedly incompetent medical professionals
  • Product liability cases caused by negligent designers and manufacturers
  • Premises liability cases caused by negligent property owners
  • Workplace accidents caused by negligent employers and supervisors

According to the website of these Chicago accident attorneys, those who have lost loved ones because of wrongful death may have legal options, like trying to make the responsible party accountable for the damages.
Family members may be able to get compensation for the following damages:

  • Medical Expenses – Not all victims immediately succumbed to injuries and illnesses that have been sustained from other parties. Some survive for quite a while, resulting into huge hospital bills, medication costs, and rehabilitative costs, not to mention false hopes from family members that their loved ones will survive.
  • Funeral Expenses – Aside from the medical costs, another direct financial burden is the funeral costs for the victims. Funerals are both expensive and emotional, making them double whammies.
  • Lost Salaries – This may not be a direct financial burden like medical and funeral expenses, but they are equally as devastating. This is particularly problematic if the victims are the primary workers in their respective families, because the lost wages will surely translate to significant lifestyle changes.
  • Lost Benefits – Financial plans including healthcare benefits, social security benefits, and pension plans may also be put at risk if their users have passed away, and this is another indirect financial burden to the family members and may even compromise their future, especially the children.
  • Lost Companionship – The victims’ spouses and children have lost an important person in their lives. This may have emotional and psychological implications, especially on children that are still on their development years. Usually, courts don’t give monetary compensation for lost companionship, but it can be a valid argument to strengthen a wrongful death case.