Because tension surrounding immigration has gotten so intense in the US in the last few years, I felt compelled to educate myself. So, I decided to look into how immigrants are protected under the law. During my research, I was drawn to the profile of an immigration lawyer from the University of Southern Mississippi. She discovered she wanted to be an immigration lawyer when she talked to international students at her school and heard their problems with the US immigration system.

The article sheds light on the unfortunate fact that many immigration lawyers, especially in border states, have to help their clients with problems other than what their case entails. For example, one of this lawyer’s clients had Type 1 diabetes but did not have access to insulin in the detention center he was forced to stay in until his case was cleared. He often blacked out after going days without the insulin he needed to survive. His immigration lawyer had to help him get insulin as well as deal with his actual immigration case. This seems completely inhumane to me. This man, who was from Cuba originally, almost died while in US custody and might have died if his lawyer had not been so attentive.

Other issues immigration lawyers may have to deal with include:

  • Helping to reunite separated families
  • Helping a client who is seeking asylum 
  • Helping a client obtain a visa or a green card
  • Defending a client who is being deported

After conducting research on the topic, it seems to me like immigration lawyers wear multiple hats. They have to be outstanding in a courtroom while also remaining compassionate and understanding on a personal level. People who need immigration lawyers are usually in a really difficult spot, and the stakes are really high: their lives could be on the line. People who are being deported back to a dangerous place could potentially die if their lawyer is unable to help them. 

The Law Office of William Jang, PLLC, defends immigrants and operates out of Austin, TX. Their website states that they want to help families “achieve the American dream,” and for a lot of people, this is far too difficult a task to manage alone. Good immigration lawyers are in high demand because their skills are so necessary to the happiness of so many people.

As a country, we need to review our stance on immigration, and hopefully make an easier path for people who want to come into the US. It’s good to know, however, that immigration lawyers are doing what they can to help people who need it. There are a lot of people who turn their backs on sad events, but it’s important that we all stay aware of the problems that are going on around us so that we can make sure to help someone else out if we are able.