First of all, you may be asking yourself why you even need SR-22 insurance. You’re already insured, as is mandated by law, so why would you need another type of insurance, right?

Well, to start: SR-22 insurance isn’t actually an insurance policy. SR-22 insurance is proof or certification that you are actually, properly insured and legally allowed to drive following an accident or a highway transgression (e.g. driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, driving without a license, being the guilty party of an accident, et cetera). If you are required by law to have SR-22 insurance due to a violation of some kind then there is no other way around it. It can be tedious but it is necessary when required.

That, among some other facts, is one of the examples of some things that tend to baffle most people about car and SR-22 insurance.

For example, insurance policies tend to cover the vehicle and not the driver. There have been some people who have tried to claim that their full coverage follows them with whatever vehicle they drive. Policies are different for every scenario but you can rest assured that there is no such policy such as full, comprehensive coverage that goes with every single vehicle for every single situation, according to Milwaukee, WI car accident lawyers.

If you move to another state while you are required to have SR-22 insurance, you must still maintain it for as long as the mandate dictates in order to not be put into any more legal trouble.

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